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23rd Jan I had unprotected oral, Vaginal and Anal sex. 25th Jan I noticed some white discharge from my penis but no burning. 26th Jan ...
Hi, I'm 30 yrs old male. 9 weeks ago I had an encounter with Masseuse, it was a brief receptive oral from her (around 20-25 secs) and the...
Hello im a 26 year old female. Married. Me and husband were in turmoil.but anyhow. I preformed oral sex WITH OUT EJACULATION with a guy i...
Hi, Recently engaged in mutual masturbation with another man. At a certain point, I stopped masturbating him and licked my hand to moi...
44 year old male had unprotected sex with female. Vaginal and anal. Chlamydia symptoms start around a week later, she tests positive but ...
Prostitute smell. Fish smell. Question. Hi doctor, I’m a girl and I had sex with a guy after sex I stayed with this smell like “fish” ...
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