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33 year old white male here. Two and a half weeks ago I had unprotected vaginal sex with a 37 year old white female. We have sex a few ti...
Greeting doc I had protected sex before 6 days I feel pain in my right testical after a day No other problem What it will be ?
Hi . So recently I have had sex with an escort(1/10/21) oral sex without condom last more or less one min same like sex but with condom, ...
I had a risk of exposure about 8 years ago. My last period was awful. I'm currently in the process of finding out what's causing me t...
Hello, five days ago i was at erotic massage body to body. I know that is considered very low risk. I even know that there are some ST...
Went to a massage parlour. Received a protected oral. She briefly licked my scrotum. I had a canker sore and engaged in kissing. I had a ...
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