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Back in late 2015 I had unprotected oral sex with a woman (blow job). Didn't notice anything unusual after. Then in 2018 i noticed bloo...
I had this guy gave me a handjob over my pants. Like zipper on no clothes were taken off, I ejaculated but he didn’t directly touch it. I...
hi i had a sexual encounter with someone where we dry humped with me with my pants on the other guy pants off i rubbed my penis against h...
Hello, I had an unprotected insertive fellatio and deep kissing 24 days ago with a woman of unknown status regarding hiv and stds, i got...
I received unprotected oral sex on Wed 13th Oct 21 with a woman (single exposure). I have observed no symptoms within 5 days of exposure....
5 months ago I had unprotected oral sex with a woman. I was immediately nervous because I had previously been in a LTR and unexposed to S...
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