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Hi, I am a gay male 25 years old. I have been given a hpv vaccination few years back. If I recall vividly, I was only given 2 shots. I sk...
So I was diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum 7 weeks ago. I started out at 2 small lesions with the white core and ubilication on top,de...
I'm really scared of potential STD. I had received oral (she likely had saliva on unprotected areas since i was laying down and she was o...
I read some threads describing seemingly similar circumstances however I experience symptoms and am currently in full panic mode. 3.5...
Near two months ago I went to a massage parlor where I got an handjob and the lady use a lot of saliva as lubrifiant. My penis may hav...
About 3 weeks ago, an escort performed fallatio and we had intercourse with a condom. Afterwards, I left the condom on until I returned ...
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