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Hello, I met this escort and we deep kissed. Then, she gave me unprecedented blowjob which lasted a bit long till i ejaculated in her mo...
Super painful, can’t eat, drink or swallow. Swollen lymph nodes, sore throat.... I also have a high fever 102.5... body aches, weakne...
Hello im a 26 year old female. Married. Me and husband were in turmoil.but anyhow. I preformed oral sex WITH OUT EJACULATION with a guy i...
Two years back I had trauma with suspected exposure , but God's grace it came out negative for HIV and syphilis tests. 6 months back I ...
Just wondering if it's possible for STIs to persist for 12+ years in a monogamous relationship? My husband and I never got tested before ...
I used a dildo for prostate stimulation. I'm pretty sure it hadn't been used in awhile. Can I get chlamydia or gonorrhea from it?
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