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I am not proud of this but had a prostitute give me a blowjob yesterday. She sucked on my testicles too. Over the past few months before ...
Heya all, just a quickie!! Met up with two other blokes last night. Mutual masturbation occured between all 3 of. No oral sex was perf...
I went to a strip club and had a nude lap dance with a beautiful stripper so grinded on me which was great but then she pulled just the t...
I apologize for asking what might be a stupid question, but after a breakup I went for what I expected to be a regular accupressure massa...
Hi, I am 31 years old male. Just had my first shot for gardasil 9 last week.a week later I was engaged with mutual masterbating who is hp...
Hi Doctor, Several days ago I had protected intercourse with a call girl in Miami. Any kissing was closed mouth. She put on a condom ...
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