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Background: Weekend 30th and 31st July 2021, had sex with 2 stranger girls - one was prostitute and the other was Tinder, but asking for ...
I had condom protected sex with an escort, both vaginal and oral twice 4 weeks ago. I wasn’t concerned at the time because it was protec...
I am a male who performed unprotected oral sex on a female for a few minutes back in early July. About 4 weeks later I noticed a scratch...
So,i have 2 sex incident,the 1st was 9 months ago and 2nd is 4days ago.The 1st sex,i gave an unprotected oral sex to a ladyboy,and 2nd i ...
Hello i would like to know if it is 100% safe and risk free to get a handjob and a footjob from an escort if we are wearing clothes cover...
I decided to come to these forums since its better than asking on reddit, and would rather ask here maybe get a professional's opinion on...
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