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If someone is masturbating over me and finished on me, if any semen lands on me or my genitals is there risk?
Hi! Ok long story short. I met a sexworker and i jerked off Infront of her. BUT. ..she touch my scrotum and penis shaft for about ...
Hi everyone. I have unprotected bj from a sex worker on Jan 22 another unprotected bj from another sex worker on Jan 28 And unp...
Good day, Thank you for your attention and for providing this resource. I’m a 30-year-old male virgin whose only exposure was recen...
Hi - I had a happy ending massage 4 days ago. The massage lady used some lubricant while performing the hand job. After the handjob she c...
Hi all, I'm a male, late twenties. I recently traveled to Thailand and had sex with 2 trans sex workers (on separate occasions, one day a...
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