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On Aug 28 2022, I had sex with CSW in southeast Asia country. I did HIV test at 3 month and it turned out negative. But on Dec 26, I had ...
Late 40s married giy. Had a sexual.encounter with a lady 3 days ago. Unprotected oral both giving and receiving. And protected penetratio...
Hello, I have been endlessly worriying about an incident where I performed and received oral sex, I am female. I have worried about eve...
I has MSM, the behavior receiving oral sex, receiving rimming, receiving fingering with saliva in anus. Tested at 18 days, all std tested...
Hi I’m wondering my risk of herpes or any other std. the other day I was with a trans women and was putting my thumb on her anus, I the...
Hello! I think that I have a uti ( constant urgent to pee no other symptoms) and I went to the doctor. She told me that the tests are ne...
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STDs can't be transmitted by casual contact, like hugging or touching.
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