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I gave head to a friend. He swears he is clean. I am suspicious whenever I get engaged. This time it was after more than a year. I got a ...
Hi I am a male 23 years old I had non penetrative sex with a male am I at risk of STDs if yes which ones.The acts we did are as below:...
Hi just wondered if anyone can help. For the past few months i've been dealing prostatitus (had major problems with frequent urination...
My wife and I have been together a little over 20 years, and married nearly 19 years. We used to perform oral sex on each other...until s...
Had unprotected sex 10 weeks ago an after 4 weeks had a discharge and burning sensation. Went on goodmds and they gave me azithrommycin a...
Hi, Today I had protective anal sex with a female prostitue of unknown status. The condom suddenly broke and I pulled out immediatly ...
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