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Most posters seem to say their unprotected oral sex experience last under a minute or two and the answer to the risk seems to be little t...
Over the weekend I had an encouter with a CSW, there was unprotected oral followed by protected (condom) vaginal sex. As I was washing my...
Hi there, So in september i recieved a condom protected blowjob from a SW. I didnt get hard and she used her hands for parts of it. A...
Hi, I’ve read some of the questions/answers and for the most part I feel comfortable that I am not at risk and shouldn’t worry. Howev...
Had an encounter with a MA and she fingered my anus for 2 mins and unprotected fellatio for 2 mins. 3-4 days later started to develop a h...
Hello, I performed oral sex on another male with little pre-cum in mouth. I always spit and do mouthwash after giving oral. 1 month...
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