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Hi All. MIddle-aged man here. I had encounters with 2 female escorts several weeks ago on a trip. Both were protected vaginal sex and ...
Is there a high risk of contracting HPV through oral sex? I had oral sex and kissing with another man before and he also ejaculated in my...
Hi I had an encounter with a CSW. I noticed a pimple/wart not sure close to her vagina not on or in. We did not have sex but she layed on...
Hi, I am male straight 30 years. I have been with escorts and massage parlours. In massage parlour I only receive handjobs. With escorts ...
So it's been a rough 6 weeks and I know I am probably overreacting because of my sexual contact which the respectable community leader al...
I went to massage parlor and was offered sex. Lady put the condom on by hand and began giving blowjob. Then she laid on her back and we h...
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