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Hi, I have visited a massage parlour but it looked like a brothel in disguise, there I licked the body of a massage lady( only her ba...
I know handjobs are not a risk even with saliva lube or even genital secretions. I was trying to ensure a buddy that I have been told rep...
Hi just wondered if anyone can help. For the past few months i've been dealing prostatitus (had major problems with frequent urination...
let me preface by saying I don't have sex almost ever because I'm so paranoid of pregnancy and STIs. the last time I had sex was in Augus...
Had unprotected sex 10 weeks ago an after 4 weeks had a discharge and burning sensation. Went on goodmds and they gave me azithrommycin a...
My wife and I have been together a little over 20 years, and married nearly 19 years. We used to perform oral sex on each other...until s...
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