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Thing is I recently found a wart near the anal area, like a bump. The thing that freaks me out a bit is that I never had anal sex nor I w...
Hello All of my sexual encounters are no penetrative sex and no oral sex. Only heavy petting. All of my session, I have my hand saniti...
Hi, Me and my girlfriend want to start having vaginal and oral sex (both Fellatio & Cunnilingus) without condom, before starting this ...
Hi, Yesterday I did some penile rubbing not on vagina but on pubic hair around and above it on skin for 2-3 mins before doing protecte...
I was diagnosed with Chlamydia in early June 2015. Upon the first sign of discharge I went to a doctor who gave me a 1000g of Azithromyc...
Masseuse on numerous occasions would spit her saliva onto the tip of my penis so I could use as lubrication to masturbate. Fast forward a...
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STDs can't be transmitted by casual contact, like hugging or touching.
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