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Hello, experts. I am from China My English is not good. I am a male and have behavior related to the opposite sex in the clubhouse. I hav...
After few months of my high risk exposure, I did a real time pcr urine test for (Chlamydia-RNA , gonorrhoeae-DNA , Trichomonas-RNA , myco...
1)Last 3 week I had sex with prostitude,with condom. And few days ago I realise my penis had grown 3 something like whiteheads,and it is ...
Hello everyone! After 8 years of piece of mind i did the stupid thing again and need your (mostilely mental) support . Two days ago i vi...
Hello team, Performed uncovered oral on SW, fingered SW and had covered sex. 4.5 weeks after, had an itch on finger next to finger I use...
Helloo Dr About 11 days ago I went to a massage parlor. I’ve visited the same masseuse maybe 5 times in the past 6 months because I fig...
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Herpes spreads by oral, vaginal and anal sex.
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Millions of people are diagnosed with STDs in the U.S. each year.
STDs can't be transmitted by casual contact, like hugging or touching.
Syphilis is an STD that is transmitted by oral, genital and anal sex.