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Hello, one question…I just got tested at 6 weeks for everything. All negative, is this conclusive or should I retest at 12/16 weeks? ...
Hi, I (27-years-old male) made a really terrible decision last Wedensday. I did oral sex without a condom (as the recipient) , and anal s...
Several days ago I had encounter with a sex worker. I did finger her, I have ingrowing nail on that finger (hurts when I squezze) and pro...
I recently tested positive for vaginal gonorrhea but negative for it in the throat or anus. I have been treated and am not engaging in an...
I'm a 22-year-old gay male. Yesterday I made a terrible decision and for the first time in my life I hooked up with a stranger I met onli...
So after a camping trip over the weekend I come back home and take a nice long bath to fully clean myself. After I got out I seen that I ...
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