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Hi I had a massage and Moroccan bath (a 1 hour scrubbing with soap spacial scrubbing cream with hot water and hot steam in the full body...
Hi, Around 5 months ago I met a guy at a hotel I was staying in. We agreed to wank together, it started by us both wanking ourselves, ...
Is it possible to contract mycoplasma genitalia or urea plasma from recieving unprotected oral sex. I’m asking bc It stings really bad w...
Hello. Was diagnosed w chlamydia and have been on doxy. Finished a weeks course. Suffered the same symptoms after it was over. Back o...
Mammary Intercourse with bear penis, rubbed between her breasts for 2 mins, ejaculated on her breasts, no nipple contact. Not sure of her...
Hi all! Sorry for my english, translated via google translator. The situation is this, I was on a massage, there was no penetration, ther...
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