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I received a handjob from a sex worker. During the handjob she licked the shaft and head of my penis 5 or 6 times. What is the chance...
Hi - I know this question has come up but this figured I'd share my experience for feedback. Went to a M2M massage parlor. Masseuse a...
Hello everyone, I had unprotected oral sex with a nurse who had just been cured of syphilis last week. She just received an RPR negati...
I'm having issues posting this. I was given a hand job from a sex worker today without a condom. She also massaged my scrotum. I tappe...
A girl kissed my penis head twice, it wasn't a long kiss and I didn't see any sores on her mouth/lips, now 3 days later it feels like I h...
Hi I was drunk one night and had a massage from a random person. During the encounter she rubbed my penis with vaginal secretions. I don...
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