Connect with others,share experiences,meet people & together help those in need. I have a mental disorder Psychiatrists label Bipolar. I guess the medical establishment has to call it something. I prefer the old label Manic Depressive. During my life I've learned to use this disorder pretty much to my advantage. I've suffered. Yes. Maybe more intensely than my fellow man. On the other end of the spectrum, I've shown love, more deeply to more creatures,man & beast & continue to have the capacity for offering & receiving love in it's highest form. I'm tall. I never prayed to be born short. I'm lean. I never wished to be stout. My mind is unlike the average Joe. I do not want to be the average Joe. I will work with what I was given. Sometimes I feel it is nearly impossible. Yes. But I've known a happiness so rich & beautiful I almost felt I'd explode! Like Namaste. I honor the Holy Spirit in You. Please tell us your experiences. We will learn from each other. Pamela
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