Schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder sufferers Group

Do you have those good days that seem to turn into bad ones or vice versa. Symptoms ranging from racing thoughts, fast speech, staying up until all hours of the night, exaggerated thinking just to mention a few of the manic phase verses depression symptoms ranging from sadness, to anger, disorganized thinking, suicidal thinking, you stop caring about caring for yourself, sleeping more just naming a few. All bipolar. This group is dedicated to this disorder. This group is also dedicated to schizoaffective disorder which is bipolar and schizophrenia combined. symptoms-mania, depression, hallucinations and delusions just to name a few in case you aren't aware. This group, anyone can come here to just vent and chat about their feelings either about bipolar or schizoaffective. It's free reign to speak your mind. Anyone is welcome.
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