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Service Dogs Group

This group is to provide awareness and education about what service dogs can do for people through all sorts of walks in life. From seeing eye dogs to seizure dogs to autism assist dogs! A service dog can provide support in ways that no one else can; providing a good emotional basis for healthy living.
My DH and I brought Buzz and Emma to the park today. We've done this several times with no problems. We always keep Buzz on a leash, even...
We woke up at 4:30am this morning to go meet Buzz at the airport. My DD had to go to the bathroom right when the plane landed so Buzz had...
i wanted to say that i love dogs what happens to service dogs when they work?
Hi Everyone! I changed my name to skepticalpeach. It used to be diva2317.
Service dogs basically have the same rights that people do. They can go wherever a person can go and business owners cannot deny access. ...
So, I was wondering what kind of training Buzz has had and what he'll be helping with!
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