Sex and Love Group

Hi everyone, I am creating this group as a place where people can talk about Sex and Love. Personally I am kindof confused about my sex/love/relationship life, meaning I don't know exactly what is right and moral and healthy, or how I should approach these desires and needs; or what I am really looking for, or what is good for me. So, if you are anything like me and find this aspect of your life to be confusing, and you want to hear what others think, or if you just want to share your insight on the matter, then please join the conversation! :) I think we can help each other out in understanding what we are really looking for in life. :)
I have a really difficult situation and wants helpful answers no bashing....I started dating this man i met online a year ago. We just ce...
Hi everyone, so I figured I would provide this introductory thread as a guide for what we focus on, and what this group is intended for....
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