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I just want to know... Can i take almond , walnut, and chhuhara (dry date) together with hot milk at night for sex problem ( premat...
I was raped last summer and am currently going through the extraordinarily long trial process. Ever since I was raped, I can only climax ...
I am male and 16 and for the last two weeks I am starting to get an ache in the area between my penis and my bum after I have orgasms. It...
At the moment of ejaculating I feel that the upper part of the penis swells and decreases and swells again until it ends, giving the sens...
For the last two weeks ive developed this rash like symptom on my pubic ares and around the base of my penis. They dont hurt or itch. It ...
I have become addicted to wearing plastic diaper pants by themselves next to the skin 24/7. How long would anyone recommend they sho...
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Millions of people are diagnosed with STDs in the U.S. each year.
STDs can't be transmitted by casual contact, like hugging or touching.
Syphilis is an STD that is transmitted by oral, genital and anal sex.
Discharge often isn't normal, and could mean an infection or an STD.
STDs aren't transmitted through clothing. Fabric is a germ barrier.
Normal vaginal discharge varies in color, smell, texture and amount.