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WELCOME TO THE SHINGLES COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Shingles such as: Causes, Chicken Pox, Complications, Diagnosis, Medications, Prevention, Prognosis, Research, Risk Factors, Self Care, Symptoms Tests, Treatment, Vaccines, Varicella Zoster Virus, VZV and Warning Signs.
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Why I still have itching on my scalp & ear, still. It's gonna be 4 weeks my ear is little swollen but it's getting better. I think I sti...
I have had shingles for a year. Never the blisters but a painful, red/purplish rash that looks like a dark center in some areas. It feels...
Non itchy Painless Blisters kind dots on inner thigh
Hello! I am 18 years old and was Diagnosed with Shingles on June 22nd after noticing the rash on my back. Since I started taking valacycl...
I have a group of blisters on the palm of one hand and some angry red streaks going up my arm and up to my neck. Also the arm is very pai...
This is Maureen again, just asked another shingles question. I have had genital herpes for many years and often get such pain in my but...
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