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I guess I am looking for a place to go when things get too bad. I don't know if this is that place, but.... I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, 15% of a liver (need a transplant, and because of the Methadone, I have little if any chance of getting on a list.), Hepatitis C, and am on 100mgs. of Methadone. I was an addict for 40 years. But have not used any illicit drug for 35 of those 40 years. I also suffer from severe depression that so far has not been successfully treated with medication. I guess now a lot of you have already judged me, and think that I got what I deserved. I guess that is why I am writing this. To see if I can receive some help or, as when I go to a doctor, just be judged for my past. I hope that is not the case because I am told that I do not have a lot of time left on this earth. I am a good man who has always taken good care of his parents and wife and kids. But, I know that means little to anyone because it seems doctors only see the addiction that I had a long time ago. Yes, I know I am still addicted to Methadone, but when no doctor will give me anything for for the pain that is caused by the RA, I take my relief where I can get it. If anyone out there is suffering, no matter why, maybe we can talk. To the rest of you that are judges, kiss my a&#! JohnD.
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Hi. Ive had Hep C and my immune system got rid of it. I know I can be reinfected but can my body get rid of it twice ?
paano po ba ang pag gamot sa hepa b,,,,kce gusto ko po tlga xa mawala,,kxe gusto ko mg abrod,,,,d aKO mkaalis ng dahil lng po dtu,,please...
My husband was diagnosed with hepatitis c genotype 1a officially in 2011. He was told that he had the rare genotype and the doc referred ...
Please, I had my baby a year and a half ago everything was horrible, he was fine i came out with two infections, had to stay for 2 weeks....
I am so tired. very very tired. I can't stop crying, I cant stop eating and i'm putting on weight which doesn't help me at all! I was alw...
Hi I'm Vince. Anyone want to talk about addiction & recovery. Best of everything, Vince
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