Single, Childless Adult Opiate Addicts Group

Anyone living alone that is struggling with addiction without the spouse to have to lie to or children to hide it from. Its a lonly world and add addiction and sometimes you wonder if its worth going on or if your single because of the addiction or if the addiction is because you are single. I have been on drugs so long I don't seem to know how to act or what to say when I am around other people. I know it is not supposed to be healthy to be alone all the time but I find myself avoiding people I feel so weird and shy with out my drugs to protect me. Some times I can't even watch T.V. because the shows seem about family or lovers and I don't fell like I fit in any where. i don't think I am GAY but I seem to have no interest in the opposite sex anymore either. I have just been through it all too many times before. All the people I know now seem to be related to the Drugs and I so sick of all that.
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Hi All nine members Where are you
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