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Sistema Digestivo Community

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Este foro le permite realizar preguntas sobre temas de gastroenterología como, por ejemplo, enfermedad por reflujo gastroesofágico, esófago de Barrett, colitis, trastornos en el colon o los intestinos, enfermedad de Crohn, diverticulitis y diverticulosis, trastornos digestivos, síndrome de colon irritable, dolor estomacal.
Hello, I'm a woman I'm 23yo, I was born with an anorectal congenital malformation called "anterior anus", when I was born I couldn't get ...
Someone has been cured of the bad smell in the nose and mouth from stomach problems. I have normal tonsils and sinuses. I was diagnosed ...
F26, Non-smoker, Non-drinker, No-drugs, Height: 158cm, Weight: Was 55kg, now 47kg. I started having some minor rectal bleeding in Sept...
I usually burp severally, mostly every five minutes, and that is if i have eaten or even not eaten. Also after eating i feel like my stom...
Mis excrementos poseen partes mas oscuras. No encontre en internet ninguna causa, pero lo que mas se acercaba era sangrado interno. Sin e...
Desde la madrugada empecé a sentir dolor corporal y mi cara estaba quemando como si tuviera fiebre, eso paró y ahora tengo diarrea y bast...
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