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in the middle of me sleeping my mind wakes up, but my body is still sleeping. i am fully aware of whats going on around me, but i am una...
why does my boyfriend have very swollen eyes when he uses his CPAP machine and how to prevent or help it.
I've had quite a few health issues up to this point, and no one can seem to find anything wrong. My journey eventually took me to a pulmo...
since using cpap machine started swelling in feet,ankles,hands and stomach. stopped using machine for 4 days swelling went away. started ...
Dear Dr, Could you please tell me how many hours of sleep a 13 year old needs? Also what is the best time for a 13 year old to go to be...
i have been having this for a long time where i can see and hear but cant move and i have had a sleep study and the doctor told me sleep ...
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