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During the day at the office I am always falling asleep, sitting at my desk typing, talking to a workmate, on the phone, in meetings etc....
Hi Dr. Park - there is no question with this post -I just want to give you the link to the presentation at the MS Consortium Annual meeti...
anything to reduce nasal congestion/swelling when laying down? I have a deviated septum Any alternatives to cpap- thanks
My 9 month old daughter was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea when she was 3 months old. I found her grey in her carseat, Doctors disbelieved m...
I wear TAP 3 appliance. Did a sleep study with Resmed Appnealink Plus. 4 Apnea, 12 Hypoapnea/M , AHI 19, Average O2 saturation 93%, lo...
I have been using CPAP machine for over a yr. now and I have seen no improvement in my sleep. I use the nose pillow mask because of me be...
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