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hi drs/ experienced people i was just wondering if there is connection between sleep apnea and nocturnal panic attacks, i have been h...
Dr. Park, We need your advice. Our twin boys (17 yrs old) have suffered from extreme night terrors. It began when they were about 10 y...
I have sleep apnea, I know because I wake up gasping for air sometimes, and often jerk awake when falling asleep. I had surgery June 2...
My son was diagnosed about a year ago & wears a CPAP ( hard to get one to fit correctly on small child) and he does well with the machine...
hi, im a ranger in the army, and our doctors wont help us unless its a performance problem, so i dont get any info from them for this.. i...
Can you be thin and still have sleep apnea? I'm in my late 20's and am somewhat skinny, yet I wake up gasping for air several times a nig...
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