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Sleep Disorders Community

Morpheus1514, you should have been a community leader in this group. You gave so much to MedHelp and have been loyal to the site. I want ...
What happens if our circadian rhythm gets all messed up and we want to sleep during the day and be awake during night? How do we get this...
We are extremely concerned with an unusual breathing behavior that our 8 month old daughter often displays while sleeping. To date no do...
Hi, First of all, I've been under a lot of stress recently with my dad dying a few weeks ago (who I had been living with) and my mother ...
Over the past few years, I noticed I started to literally spit in my sleep. I usually always drool, but this is not drooling. I literally...
n the past, I have had many different episodes of sleep paralysis, so I am fully aware of what happens during most episodes. However, a ...
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