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This patient support community is for discussions relating to apnea, children’s sleep issues, jet lag, insomnia, narcolepsy and snoring.
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My husband is really worried right when I start to fall asleep he says I’m making these horrible loud noises. I asked him does it sound l...
Last night, all I remember is my husband waking me up from a horrible nightmare trying to get some. I was so freaked out and had no idea ...
Over the past few years I noticed that I dream substantially less. I used to dream vividly every night but new dream almost never. I have...
Every day I get only 5 hours of sleep at night. What wakes me up is the need to pee. After that, I feel extremely tired but can't physica...
I'm a 36yo male. This has been a problem for most of my adult life. As soon as I lay in bed my legs and only my legs start sweating profu...
I have prescribed Clonozopam cure insomnia 8 months ago which I stop taking 6 months ago. Now I experience worsened insomnia. I did not c...
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