Social Anxiety Whoas Group

This group is for loving people looking to take baby steps toward budding friendships with people of similar interest and concerns.
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I've been dealing with social anxiety sense I was a child. I'm currently looking into if I have migraines and/or MS which isn't making th...
i am not shy, but its hard for me to find new friends... i just wish to socialize please.. message me !!
Hello. I've been smoking weed for 3½ years give or take from the age of 17 to 20½. I have now quit as I believe the weed is the reason fo...
Find true friends that truly understand you. I have been dealing with social anxiety for years and for some reason I have never met anyon...
26 years old female.... 1 child.... diagnosed with ADD, anxiety disorder, and panic attacks....Now my questions are/is can drugs as in ...
have accute anxiety/depression.can anybody help?
I only get anxiety when I have to leave the house or buy something; medicine and i've been using xanax helps mellow me out because I am s...
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