Social security and you after a disability. Group

I was disabled after a work related injury. I have been on SS for many years. In July I was reevaluated and claim denied. The doctors were not truthful with their reports. I am in the appeal mode now. I am suffereing a major anxiety issue and it has exasserbated fibromyalgia. I always just wanted my job as a nurse back but was told i could not do anything..... I am frustrated and in pain trying to get my head around all this..... I am going to therapy and on a new antidepressant which isn't helping too much and now i am in the wait game.
I am waitng for my SSDI determination and it has been 3 1/3 months. I applied under Bipolar. I hear that only 36% are approved the firs...
I may sound like I am boasting here but I am not. I had applied over the phone and was denied. I appealed it, all on my own no lawyer, wi...
Hi I am 36 years old high school grad with some college.preveously worked as a waitress, cook cashier and auto body tech, manager of auto...
Well I am just on here right now to say hello to everyone. I have just filed my first SS Disability clam in hope something will come out...
What's the difference between SSI, and SSDI? Thank you
Is there a helpful source or guide to filing for disability than can help you not make mistakes that could end up costing you later. A so...
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