Spinal Stenosis Sufferers Group

A group for people of all ages who suffer from the chronic pain & many other annoying symptoms that come with a diagnosis of Spinal Stenosis. A place to get ideas on ways to deal, a place to vent, but mostly a place to connect with people who suffer as you do.
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I think 1 of the best ways we as fellow sufferers can help 1 another is to give our story, so here is mine. I suffered chronic back pa...
I would like to welcome everyone to Spinal Stenosis Sufferers. I am hoping that this group will function as a place for people who suffe...
Surgery is my last option .im apprehensive about the surgery will it help
Surgery is my last option for my severe spinal stenosis per Mayo Clinic (wonderful place)! I know all the questions to ask the surgeon b...
I have been in severe pain for the past month. I had an MRI from a #3 MRI machine. Suppose to take the clearest pictures possible. Lit...
Hi all, I had an accident in august 2013 when I fell and crushed my head against my shoulder, the result was eventually found to be three...
I had cervical stenosis pain for the last three years caused by disk degeneration due to age (that's what the spine specialist said). I ...
I have Cervical Stenosis in my neck at C5 thru C7. I am not starting to have more, frequent bladder (urgency) issues. Could this be rel...
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