Spiritual Group

We all come to these computer sites hoping to find the one piece of information that will answer all our questions. Well there is: Spiritual. I want to help spread the access that we need to succeed in life... Go to you computer, type in "meetup.com" in your zip code, look for spiritual, spiritual healing, etc. If you can find someone reputable, I would go and have a "PLR" "Past Life Regression" hypnosis done. This will help you understand maybe why you can't stop doing something, or saying something. You may have done that in your past life. We ALL have had past lives, we all have spirit guides (guardian angels), we are all still connected with the supreme being. Call on Micha'el, Gabri'el, Rapha'el to help you heal and your spirit guide too to help. Look I am NOT saying to stop your medication, but check out the other side of our lives, maybe belief can heal?
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