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An open-ended place to discuss spiritual matters. No question considered unimportant, nor any sharing of experiences. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirituality
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This group was started by Dazon 50 and her daughter. Dazon 50 was a dynamic member and took lot of interest in this group. There were reg...
Are there any pagan parents out there? Id like to chat on parenting
Hi! I have been on Medhelp since Feb., but mainly hanging out on the addiction forums because I have been battling drug addiction. Now t...
This is a great book about God,the holy spirit,and Jesus..I am wondering if anyone here has read it ...It is such a good book and i encou...
a lot of times i would ask myself if there really is a god, even though i kno he is there. theres times where i think he left me or is p...
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