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An open-ended place to discuss spiritual matters. No question considered unimportant, nor any sharing of experiences. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirituality
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What if for one day there was no violence there was no death? What if religion was never created? What if people had to suffer the...
Are you inspired to write poetry to explore the nature of life? Sobek (deification of crocodiles) You lay there brother What are...
Hi Everyone! I 'm new here. I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm not religious, however, my Spirituality is at a high level. Thr...
Once upon a time, king Janaka sent a message to the people in his kingdom: "If there be amongst you a great scholar, a Pundit, a Mahatma,...
....I found the following quote online & found myself wondering about my security sense and how it related to my faith and/or spiritualit...
Hi there ! the best religion is the one that gets you closer to God and makes you a better person.” Expanding on that, he says “whatever...
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