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Welcome to the Sport Injury patient support community. This community is for discussions relating to sports specific injuries: foot injuries, lower leg and ankle injuries, knee injuries, thigh injuries, hip and groin injuries, buttock injuries, lower back pain, upper back and neck pain, head injuries, chest and abdominal injuries, shoulder injuries, elbow injuries wrist and hand injuries.
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I was playing kickball two days ago and had a nasty fall and had all of my 260 pounds land on my left knee. It immediately got black and ...
Hello, I'm a soccer player and I usually run every day. Two weeks ago a guy slipped and ran into the back of my knee. I've been icing ...
played basketball and after the layup the defender jumped to block me and while i hit against the pads against the wall (right shoulder f...
So i play a lot of sports, and this type of injury has been occuring for at least 2 and a half years, i only went to the doctor after re ...
Whenever my knee is bent and I rotate my foot clockwise something gets messed up in my knee. It gets stiff and starts to hurt like hell. ...
I have pain in my right elbow believe it to be tennis elbow what can I do at home to help control pain or help it get better?
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