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I have severe chronic depression, some kind of ADD, general and social anxiety, insomnia, hypoglycemia, and metabolic syndrome. I'm 17, o...
I'm about 13, blood pressure is about 117/66. I read on a woman who survived breast cancer because she caught it early. But she had absol...
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Hi I teaching my friend,and I've realized that she is stressing.It is a problem because she's doing a trivial mistakes for this reason.I ...
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I have a strange feeling in my chest/back and it feels exactly like drops of water runing down my back and left side of my chest. It can ...
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Hello!i had my blood work done and my lymphocyte count is high as 49,6%. i am wondering if stress can elevates lymphocytes
Hi I'm 13 and ever since I can remember I've always been scared about my loved ones dying. However I only seem to think about it at night...
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I also have a strange feeling in my chest and it feels exactly like drops of water running down my right and left side of my chest. It ...
Sometimes when I'm especially angry, I start to get faint. My mind clouds, and I feel... wierd. It's hard to explain... but I used to ha...
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Hi everyone! I just recently joined Medhelp in the hopes to find some new friends to talk with. I have spent the last year getting my "st...
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My husband started having indigestion out of the blue one night. It was literally after having dinner and he has been having heartburn ev...
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I had bad time for 5months now I was suspected myself that myb I have hep be but I tested is negative. hep b 22weeks after serious exposu...
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I have this weird stomach problem in which I'm really hungry but can't eat a thing. This started when I was 14 and then disappeared withi...
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So this is going to be long, please forgive me! I just want to make sure I don't miss any details. I'm a 31 yo female, I have a long h...
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Is ti possible if i have a long period of stress to reduce my immune system ? Thanks for any answer.
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I'm just going to post this in forums that have a correlation with chest pain. Please read carefully I'm 16 years old, male. I ha...
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Hello, i have the following symptoms: headache, throbbing in the scalp, loss of balance and eye strain. What could be the cause? i will b...
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Is it possible to get Bells Palsey again
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I have a rash on my forehead, I went to the doctors and they said it was caused by stress. I was given hydrocortisone cream and that clea...
I went to the dermotologist. I have always had my head itch when dry. But now, my arms started itching, now it spread to my back, my fron...
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So a month ago i got a prescription from my doctor for a cream to deal with eczema that had gotten a fungal infection. It took me several...
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