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I had suffered from bell's palsy before, not more than a half a year ago. bell's palsy is a facial disease in which some part of the face...
i am a 38 yr old female just diagnosed with a tectal glioma, grade 2 astrocytoma 10mm. I am having a hard time finding info on this. The ...
Hi everyone. First of all, those of you who suffer head pains and get the "pass off" from your doctors have my greatest empathy. Two year...
its been a month now that i have quite smoking and feeling so good in life now.. its like all silly pains are going away slowly slowly a...
my wife was paralyzed c-6 c-7 in a car accident in oct. 2010 and has normal use of her arms and hands and not suppose too..... And then s...
I really didn't know whet to go with this, but prayer worked for me! I had been trying since.June to.find a new home dor.myself and my ch...
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