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I have a resting heart rate of 36-38 and am asymptomatic. I don't pass out or get dizzy after exercise or any time. I am 73 years old an...
Looking forward to reading some positive stories about the many issues out there....Thanks for being here!
As one of the CLs on the Pain Management Forum and a long time Chronic Pain patient myself I respond to posts and try to help. As a memb...
I'd have to dig deep and a long time ago to find the thread and related PM's....but I just had to share this heartwarming "success" story...
I had asthma for most of my life and took a drug theopholin which worked well and after 25 years I was constantly sick and went to dr. pr...
Just wanted to share with you all that i've been in a wheelchair since i was 17 years old due to a car accident im a t-6 paraplegic spina...
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