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So, some may not consider this a big deal. But, to me it is so, I thought I'd share. If anyone's ever read my post you know most of my ...
for 12 years and 6 weeks I had excrutiating pain from a head injury that required 180mg /day of ms-contin to suppress. My doctors never r...
my little sister whoose 13 hates the way she looks she loves her body and face ecept for her nose she has tried everything to break it sh...
Before I found the thyroid forum on MedHelp I felt like no one understood anything I had been going through for over 7 years in my strugg...
medhelp has worked for me,i met alot of people that are like or someone like me :) anyone else?
When I joined medhelp I knew I had thyroid problems but didnt really know much more. Now, from all the resources available on this site ...
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