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When I joined the Depression Community last November I was in a terrible state. I had just re-started my anti-depressant medication, and...
I experience the loss of vision in my right eye after aneurysm surgery on 12/07; the surgeon had no explanation of what happened and has ...
hi,i havnt been here in a while but i used to use this as a support system or to gain some info on what i was going thru, well first af...
Well, in the last year i've gone through a hell of alot, my best friend betrayed me and lied to me. I lost the girl i loved to him, and i...
Well we dont get many success stories do we, and some good ones printed below, however I wanted to let you know a small one, I have had, ...
Hey you fabulous people who give wonderful input and help for others in need , give us also some success stories you must have had them l...
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