Suicidal feelings Group

When something happens in your life and it is too much to handle mentally and physically and you just don't want to feel it anymore.
My daughter is 30 years old - last fall had a major life meltdown and we've almost lost her four times now. I have been in her shoes and...
i want to write my problem...i don't know whether you can help me or not!...but if you help me,i'll be really glad and thankful:)...pleas...
I was very depressed in high school and I didn't really know it. My parents split when I was 15 and I was not really socially accepted at...
I always reach this point used to be every 6 months or so i would lose control and act impulsively then it was every few months and now i...
I'm not really sure why. I'm manic depressive, and it can come on very suddenly and stay in a down cycle for some time. I'm sure some h...
i just tried typing everything i was feeling and this thing wont let me? im easily frustrated & agitated. its little things like this tha...
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