Suicidal feelings Group

When something happens in your life and it is too much to handle mentally and physically and you just don't want to feel it anymore.
I have my plan made everything ready, too many emotions and memories from my past i am too damaged to be ever good or right again, just d...
i am leading a horrible life with no meaning. at all. nothing makes me happy and nothing makes me feel like i am wanted. i want to die s...
hello i am 43.i have a suicidal idea.my situation is very bad.my family aren't supportive.they just blame me.they don't underestand my c...
I have been suicidal for almost a year now i never knew that these feelings could stay so long, i really don't know how much longer i can...
Just wanted to welcome you back, how was your journey home? I hope all is well with you, talk soon.
i am a pre opp transgendered girl and im trying so hard to keep myself together every day i fight so very hard to stay ok ...help!!!
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