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Support for Family Members and Friends of Addicts Group

This forum is for people who are trying to help family members or friends with their addiction problems. It is a way to share experiences and to exchange information related to your experiences with helping an addict in their recovery efforts. It is also a place for people with addiction (alcohol, drugs etc.) issues to ask for advice and help.
I have a 26 yr old son who is an opiate addict and lives with me. He has overdosed twice , the last time was late October. He then said h...
Hi there! I'm a member of the Addiction and Recovery group. I read a very powerful post from 2007 on the subject of forgiveness, and I f...
Hey guys, I am new here. I recently joined because I am lost on how to approach and support my boyfriend's pain pill addiction. He's now ...
Sounds simple enough but not really. What I mean is that my loved one is running the streets of a major city. He is in a different area ...
Helping others with addcition issues can be just as much of a roller coaster experience for the person providing help as it is for the pe...
I have a 21 year old nephew who has had issues with both drugs and alcohol. He has had his ups and downs and most all of his downs have b...
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