TTC Naturally Group

For all of us out there who are TTC on our own whether by charting, temping, taking herbals ETC.! I'm waiting on my lil pumpkin how bout you?
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has been tracking their BBT and if you find it helpful. I find mine is a bit off the wall and I expe...
.first things first, my cylces last an average of 30 days. my last period was may 3rd 2012 and according to my calender/calculator it say...
im in cycle day 14 i feel so bloated and for the past 2 days my stomach looks a little bigger in my lower abdomen. has any of you experie...
Just joined this group and notice there's not much recent activity, although there are 124 members. I'm optimistically thinking that's b...
I have done Ovulation test but i havent tracked really anything besides when AF comes and goes. Is it true normally to start trying 14 da...
just come home from an app with consultant and have got 2 months of blood tests an sperm tests to do.whilst we were there the nurse teste...
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