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TTC Over 40 Group

support group for women who are trying to conceive or have conceived a child over the age of forty
Hello everyone! I am 45 years old and I just tried a 5th round of IVF with my own eggs with no success. Has anyone my age or older tried...
If there is anyone still around :) I am in the over 40 group and have heard all of the bad news regarding my odds of getting preg but th...
Is there anyone over 40 and pregnant? Am feeling a bit lonely :-(
I'm 40 years have a 10 year old and had a miscarriage 4 years ago. I'm on 19 DPO and experiencing the following symptoms, headaches, ligh...
My cycle began on May 23. On June 5 touching my nipples resulted in the most excruciating pain. By June 6 I was a little queasy. Now I ...
Its the fifth time am trying to list and sm being booted out somehow. Will cut to the point- our baby arrived and is a healthy little bo...
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