TTC Over 40 Group

support group for women who are trying to conceive or have conceived a child over the age of forty
Hi, Ladies just wanted to say all this talk about 35 and above how our age affects us from getting pregnant don't believe it. When I ...
I just went to my dr. about a month ago and she told me (at 47) I am going through menopause. I have no children, not from lack of wanti...
So after a lot of badgering, I FINALLY got my GP to do some hormone level testing. I had to switch OB's, and she wanted to refer me to an...
Hello all after have to deal with many of ttc on ourselves we finally came to the conclusion of using donor eggs. Have any of you women h...
ladies I am 50 years old and just had 2 beautiful healthy twins in september via egg donor IVF , my advice for all off you is remember th...
Got the results back from the Maternit21 test I took. Dr's office said it would take 2 wks but got them back in 8 days. Very happy to s...
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