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Using Vitex and TTC with PCOS
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Hello all, I am 30 yrs old & 115 lbs I have irregular perioed when i was 15.My Gyna gave me Clomid and i took 5 round but no BFP Now i s...
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I was wondering if ther was an success stories out there using vitex?
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I was doing research on conceiving naturally back in June 2011, came accross a reading on Vitex and red rasberry leaves. I also came acr...
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This is for the prople who posted before about using vitex.... You said that i wld repost about ur vitex stories! I am dieing to know wh...
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I started taking vitex and my my my... i started cramping the very next day... It's been a week since ive started vitex ans i am still cr...
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I am taking Vitex for two cycles now and have to say I LOVE it, If your TTC with PCOS you sould try it. It works wonders and makes your h...
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