TWW Group

This is for anyone who is TWW, post any signs symptoms you might be having
Ugh the dreaded TWW. Every month I say that I'm NOT going to symptom track but every month it's always something new!! Then starts my POA...
Anyone ever heard of or experience breaking out in hives while in the tww? Within the last two weeks the hives come out anytime of the da...
I got a +opk on Dec 31, at cd10. Right now I am 4dpo, at cd16. I figure I'll test at 10dpo. Have 3 girls, trying for a boy. This is defin...
Well i am supposed to start today, but i have not had any signs that i am going to start. Usually about 13 dpo i break out in pimples, i ...
Okay so i am on the TWW starting today! any one else?
had iui on oct 7th now just waiting, good luck to all ....SENDING POTS FULL OF BABY DUST TO EVERYONE TTC...
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