Taking my life back Group

When things seem to go wrong and you feel you can never let go. Always remembering the pain as if it were yesterday, crying days upon days and harming yourself whenever a thought flashes across your mind. It seems that no matter how much we do, how much we say death seems like the only and perfect solution. I am here to say NO! You do matter you are important and this group serves to offer empowerment and strength that you already have. It's take to time your life back from abusers, rapists, alcohol, drugs, diseases and all who have helped to destroy it. No more abuse!
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I'm lost, I feel like giving up. I don't understand how I got here again?
You ever feel like you are only living simply because you have breath in your body? You feel stagnant, never moving and just a waste of t...
A family Friend has thrown in the towel and is not responding to the help people are offering.He has had enough and keeps saying he,s cal...
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