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I am on my fifth day of withdrawal (c/t) from tramadol. I am determined to never take an addictive drug again for my pain. The tolerance just builds up too fast because my pain is chronic. So I am seeking, as I know others here are, to find natural alternatives to deal with the pain. Today I am going walking with a friend. I am also going to try deep breathing techniques. I'll let you know how this goes. By the way I have herrington rods in my spine from thoracic area down, so yoga isn't practical. Please everyone feel free to contribute and share ways you are coping with your pain minus addictive drugs.
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I refuse to get on the merry go round of pain meds Iv been doin some research and I am going to start taking CoEnzme Q 10 and Vit B2 it ...
Hi, What techniques are the best to deal with back pain after 3 surgeries, also nerve pain in one leg? Are there any exercises I can ...
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