The Pasture 2.0 Group

Here is The Pasture 2.0, for the old cows here on Medhelp both from the original pasture and the ones who never made it over.
Just to allay the fears of those skinny witches on here, the term "old cow" came from a lovely 19-year-old (she claimed, likely younger) ...
Have you ever come across a name that you feel is so unfortunate and you wonder why someone wouldn't change it? I just ran past a name w...
Once upon a time, some enterprising scientist developed a drug that gave a really great high. The drug was addictive, and people rapidly ...
This week we will be busy baking cookies. Christmas Eve we will go to church then deliver cookies to the nursing home and a couple of n...
what does everyone have planned for turkey day? anybody traveling? we are just going to some friends (well we consider them family) . ...
Happy Thanksgiving Week to you all. Hope you get the start of your holiday cleaning and shopping done!
since the question of whether mommy knows best has come up, i thought we could take a moment to remember some of the mommies who most cer...
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