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Thyroid cancer is a thyroid tumor that is malignant. Discuss topics including symptoms, treatments, surgical options and living with thyroid cancer.
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Abnormal ultrasound, as discussed above, including a 1.8 cm TI-RADS 5 right thyroid nodule. Published guidelines recommend endocrinology...
A 0.8 x 0.7 x 0.8 cm well-circumscribed, isoechoic nodule with a hypoechoic rim in the mid right thyroid lobe contains internal vasculari...
Recently on an ultrasound for lymph nodes in my neck they found a ‘5mm cystic lesion’ on my thyroid. My concern is that I’ve heard men ha...
36 year old male. I had unexplained throat pain about 5 years ago and was sent to an ENT exam. They found nothing wrong with my throat, b...
Please see a copy of my review below that I have posted across social media regarding my deeply regrettable thyroid surgery experience wi...
The surgeon just handed us this and said they found the starting of Cancer but that I need to follow up with the Endocrinologist. What do...
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