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Thyroid cancer is a thyroid tumor that is malignant. Discuss topics including symptoms, treatments, surgical options and living with thyroid cancer.
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I'm a 41 year old otherwise healthy female. Never had any thyroid issues or abnormal bloodwork. I started having weird feeling of "pre...
I had my initial thyroidectomy due to papillary thyroid cancer on 01/19/2010 when I was 28, half my thyroid was cancerous with a big lump...
Had TT on December 7, 2018. I am now 9 weeks post and am feeling irritated. I did not have a blood pressure issue before the surgery, now...
If you were diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had a total or partial Thyroidectomy, do you feel worse than you did before? Is the cure wo...
I had thyroid cancer and now I take cytomel and synthroid.Can I take maca?
Hi everyone, I'm including 3 different thyroid and Vitamin results and would like everyone's take on these "older" and "newer" results....
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