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Thyroid cancer is a thyroid tumor that is malignant. Discuss topics including symptoms, treatments, surgical options and living with thyroid cancer.
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I have had a thyroid nodule that has continued to increase in size over the past four years and most recent growth from January to June h...
Back in April, I posted my symptoms. My family doctor didn't think my symptoms were related to my thyroid, and prescribed 200 mg. of pro...
Are these results something I need to worry about? Thanks in advance for any advice. ULTRASOUND - Isthmus 4 mm, no focal nodules seen - ...
Hi, I'm new to this group and need some advice or anything that will help me decide on my situation! I'm schedule for partial removal rig...
Hi all, I was sent for a thyroid ultrasound and can't get in to see the endo for over a month. Do these findings look worrisome? The r...
I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2003, under went surgery & I131 radiation. 2 years of full body scans showed no thyroid tissue & ...
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