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I have been hypothyroid for about 7 years and had no issues taking 1 grain of Naturethroid up until the last year. Last January I was sw...
Hi, I have been dx with subclinical hypothyroidism. I feel like when I do take the blood tests, it is usually on a 'good day', so I don't...
Would low Iodine reduce ability to absorb thyroid medication? My thyroid was removed in August 2020 and I stated using levothyroxine....
I’m on vacation and somehow left my meds at home. I went to the pharmacy to try and get a 6 day supply but had a heck of a time filling ...
Can Levothyroxine cause hip/joint pains, problems?
Did anyone else ever get hip joint pains, bursitis after taking levothyroxine.? I had been taking Levothyroxine 50mcg for approx. 2 month...
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