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Thyroid Disorders Community

Can my doctor refuse to re-fill my synthyroid prescription because I refuse to have a blood test twice a year. I do not have a thyroid.
My doctor would like to change me back over to NP Thyroid, which I am okay with. I am currently on 15 mcg of liothyronine and 125 mcg of ...
Hyperthyroid since 2008. Gradually slowed to where I was taking 1/2 tab methimazole once a week. Doc suggested in January I discontinue ...
My results were .76. I had been taking levelthyroxitine 115 and was lowered to 112. Now Im having headaches. Should I ask my doctor ...
I had a TT IN 2016 bc I had 4 nodules and the biopsy said it was positive for medullary pre cancer cells so I had it removed and had a sc...
My quest to find a competent doctor to treat me has culminated in todays confusion with an endo in my area that I truly believe is misinf...
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