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Sir, Is complete eye transplantation is possible? If not, please tell why?
No one could explain to me why, but after only one month on the list, I got a liver! It could be that I was that sick. I gained 42 lbs. o...
Hello, i am Kidney Transplant patient. My transplant was help in 2012 ,21 September . And put 2 stent in my kidney artery in 2014. 1 ...
Hello Friends, I have been following the forum for quite some time. After reading the posts I get a bit of confidence and hope every t...
I'm 6 months post liver transplant and am doing great for the most part. Life has really changed for the better due to this precious gif...
just sent all information requested to Transplant department to start my evaluation. - they talked about prescripition for different te...
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