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Questions in the Travel Medicine forum are answered by Dr. Philip D Parks, affiliated with Harvard School of Public Health. Topics covered include disease prevention, finding a doctor abroad, food and water safety, illness and injury abroad, mosquito and tick protection, resources for travelers, traveling with children or pets, traveling with special needs, vaccinations and immunizations.
I was bitten by a monkey and given anti rabies injection RABIPUR on 0, 3 ,7 and 16th day. After2 nd day I had feeling of tiredness, and...
I'm a 42 old and I'm 5weeks pregnant....is it okay to fly in the First 12 weeks?
way back 2-3 years ago I have been scratched by a kitten in feet,that time I dont have totally idea in rabies in a cat,in dogs only..and ...
So for the state I am in I have to get the meningitis shot but I found out that I have the mcv4 shot? I would like to know if they are th...
I was working in Indonesia for a year and when I came back to the US a month after I had developed asthma and got severe crippling sleep ...
Hello, Back in 2010, I found out I had been exposed to Tuberculosis through a routine skin test required by my job (teacher). A couple...
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