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This forum is for questions and discussions relating to Causes, Clinical Trials, Diagnosis, Family and Friends Issues, Living with Trigeminal Neuralgia, Pain Management, Research, Risk Factors, Symptoms, Surgery and Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia.
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I've had electric shocks cross my face essentially from my ear across my cheekbone for several weeks now. They are not terrible pain by a...
Hi, We have just opened up a new Trigeminal Neuralgia community. Please note, these are un-moderated communities. The forums are locat...
Hi, Ever since the launch of the first MedHelp tracker, members have flooded us with requests for a Pain Tracker. We're pleased to ann...
i have been diagnosed with TN after having had a wisdom tooth pulled back in march of this year. my neurologist says this is very common...
I underwent a three level cervical disc fusion C45,C56, and C67, anterior approach on right. I awoke from surgery with pain and headache...
I have TN and began radiation and chemo treatment last week. I go 5 days a week for radiation and 1 day a week for chemo (cesplatin). ...
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